About CheckPoint ...




The CheckPoint Guard Patrol System was launched in 1993 and has grown to be one of the leading systems in the UK and is exported worldwide. This growth has been achieved by providing our customers with an unbeatable product•flexibility•support combination at a very competitive price ...


  • Robust and waterproof - tough enough for the toughest environment
  • Simple to use - no switches or buttons
  • Uses rechargeable batteries - tamperproof and maintenance free
  • Electronic checkpoints - accurately read every time, can't be copied


  • Ideal for static or mobile sites - Data Recorders are not programmed with site information, so they can be used on any site
  • Sprinter system for Stand-Alone sites - instant reports on-site
  • Remote site management with modems, Portable Data Collector and GSM modems - expands your business catchment area


  • Free telephone support - we're always there to help
  • Free telephone advice - get the most from the system
  • Guaranteed repair times - we repair same day or it's free
  • Two year warranty - we have confidence in our product
  • Five Star Guarantee - the only company to provide a written guarantee

CheckPoint is continuing to develop products for the manned guarding industry and has a number of exciting products in the pipeline.



CheckPoint is used around the World and in many different Industries

to find out if we are in your industry and country.

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