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Our aim is simple… to provide you with a cost effective, reliable and fully supported Guard Patrol System. We want you to be able to purchase with confidence and to be 100% delighted with your equipment and our service. This is how we are committed to you…

2 Year Warranty (Updated)

Your CheckPoint system comes complete with a two-year extended warranty. In the event of a problem we’ll repair or replace your equipment free of charge. This extended warranty is your assurance that CheckPoint is tough enough to last and demonstrates to you that we have absolute confidence in the products we manufacture.

Note: We now give you a lifetime warranty on Stations and a 5 year warranty on batteries.

Over 40 Years Experience

You’ll have access to our support team with over 40 years experience in the patrol monitoring industry. You’ll have their support and help at all times which means you can be sure that your problem or query will be solved quickly and effectively. And, whatever your level of computer experience, we will take the time necessary to explain and reach a solution step by step.

Guaranteed Repair Times

You have a ‘same day’ guaranteed repair time and, if this is not met, your repair is free. In the event of equipment abuse we’ll advise as to the type of abuse and how it can be avoided in the future. These measures will enable you to keep your downtime and maintenance costs to a minimum.

Minimal Repair Costs

Your repair charge for a single piece of equipment outside of our extended warranty will never exceed £99 (ex VAT). In the event your equipment is damaged beyond repair you’ll get a generous discount on a new item, to help minimise your replacement costs.

Free Data Recovery

Your data will be recovered in the event of a recorder problem. CheckPoint’s unique design means that your important data is rarely lost when a fault or abuse occurs. Your data is either returned in your repaired recorder, or extracted and sent to you on floppy disk for importing directly into your PC.

Ideas welcome

Your views and ideas on how we can improve the CheckPoint system will be listened to and encouraged at all times. To show you our commitment to improving the system we’ll provide you with regular updates, so that you can take advantage of the new ideas and improvements immediately. Some of the best features of CheckPoint were suggested by our customers!

Ex-stock Delivery

You’ll have access to our ex-stock, next day delivery service so that those last minute contracts can be dealt with efficiently and professionally. You’ll always have confidence that we can meet your needs from stock immediately.

Future Proof

You can be confident that as the CheckPoint system changes to incorporate new improved technologies, we will ensure compatibility and support for our older systems. You will never be forced to throw away your equipment. You can stay one step ahead of your competition knowing your investment is safe.



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