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Windows Software Upgrades - Pro32 V3.52 ...

As a CheckPoint customer you are entitled to free updates on your Windows Premier and Pro32 software (or a free upgrade from DOS if by a miracle you're still using DOS). Please use the Help/About option in the software to determine your current version.

Our Software Update and Upgrade Policy

Updates, changes that include bug fixes and minor new features are provided FREE of charge. Both DOS and Windows 3.1 software updates are also provided FREE of charge. Upgrades, that include major software changes are chargeable.

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Professional Pro32 30 Day Trial ... (approx 11MB) ...

If you would like to use the Pro32 software free for 30 days then simply download and install. Pro32 installs in minutes and instantly uses your existing client and patrol data. If you would prefer an upgrade CD by post, please contact your supplier.(Version 3.52)

Pro32 - Program EXE File Only (approx 3.3MB) ...

Existing users can download just the program EXE file to upgrade to the latest version. Click the download button and Save to the 'c:\progam files\wincp' folder. (Version 3.52)

Version 1.27 Windows 3.1 OS ... NOT Supported any more.

Due to the lack of features and support available for the 16 bit Windows Operating System we are not developing or supplying this version of software any more. If you are using Version 1.27 you can download the 32bit version of the software for FREE. Simply click and download the Professional Pro32 30 Day Trial above (it will use your existing data). If after 30 days you do not wish to upgrade to the Professional version it will automatically revert back to the Premier 32 bit software.




Design your own software ...

Would you like to see some new features added to your software?
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FREE Unzip Utility ...

This free utility unzips CheckPoint backup files (and most other zip files) into the current directory.

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