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At CheckPoint we've listened very carefully to find out what the major frustrations are in the manned guarding industry. Time and time again we hear the same questions ... Why isn't the equipment tough enough? Why do repairs take so long? Why are the repairs so expensive? etc ..

We've worked very hard to make sure the CheckPoint system eliminates these frustrations and we are proud to be able to offer this five star guarantee. We believe it shows you beyond doubt our commitment to our customers.

1. Guaranteed Tough

Guard Patrol equipment must be able to stand up to harsh environments and failure to do so means down time, which causes an array of problems. CheckPoint data recorders are made from a unique plastic that is incredibly tough. So tough, we guarantee to replace any recorder case that breaks while on duty, free of charge.

2. Guaranteed Waterproof

Water is another everyday hazard. CheckPoint's unique plastic and bonding adhesive combination provides a completely waterproof and tamperproof seal. Any CheckPoint recorder case that leaks water will be replaced free of charge.

3. Guaranteed Repair Times

When your guard patrol equipment goes down it can be the start of a very stressful time. At CheckPoint, we understand this and have developed a way to guarantee that your equipment is repaired or exchanged on the day we receive it and returned next day delivery to you. If we fail to achieve this, your repair is completely FREE OF CHARGE.

4. Guaranteed Low Repair Charges

No repair charge will ever exceed £99. Existing CheckPoint users already enjoy significantly less down time and repair costs. However, we've gone one step further with our guarantee to give you the confidence that your costs will never spiral uncontrollably.

5. Guaranteed Support

As a CheckPoint customer you’re guaranteed the highest level of customer support at all times, ensuring that any problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently. In addition, our regular free Newsletter is designed to help you get the most from your CheckPoint system as well as keeping you informed of all the latest developments.



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