Portable Data Collector ...


Simplify patrol data collection and reduce costs...
The Portable Data Collector allows your supervisor to collect patrol data on his rounds, completely eliminating the need to return the Data Collectors back to HQ for downloading. In addition, the PDC will recharge the Data Recorder batteries and check and adjust the internal clock, which means that the Data Recorders can stay on-site indefinitely.

Improve service quality...
The PDC allows you to collect your patrol data on a more regular basis and in doing so gives you greater control over your service quality. It will help you quickly identify personnel who need more training and show both your personnel and your clients that you take your service quality very seriously. The PDC can also play an important part in your marketing plans to keep existing clients and win new ones.

How it works ...
Using the PDC is simplicity itself. The supervisor simply places the Data Recorder into the PDC and presses the download button. During the download the recorder batteries are recharged and after the download the internal clock time is checked and adjusted if required. Once all the checks are complete, the PDC shows the supervisor how full it is using the 'percentage full' indicator. The PDC will hold over 25,000 visits which is almost 8 full data recorders.



Portable data collection made easy...


  • Holds up to 25,000 visits
  • Small unit measures less than 6 x 6 inches
  • Mains or vehicle powered
  • Recharges Data Recorders
  • Automatically checks and adjusts Recorder clock
  • Comes with protective carry case
  • Improved download speed - 8 times faster
  • % full indicator and status display

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