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There are 7 report styles available. These reports can be printed out and sent to your client or emailed directly from the report screen.

Summary Report
This report style provides a weekly overview of a site and shows the number of visits achieved against the number required.

Spreadsheet Report
This report style gives a spreadsheet grid style report. Due to the grid nature of this style it is not available in PDF format

Customer Report
This report style groups the data by station and is ideal for checking individual station visit times, perhaps in response to an incident near a particular station

Chronological Report
This report style provides a chronological listing of guard activity including incidents, exceptions and the guard ID.

Personnel Report
This report style is the same as the chronological report above but shows the visits performed by a single guard

Payroll Report
This report shows the hours worked each day by personnel. In addition, a data file is produced that can be imported into payroll packages.

Managers Daily Report
This report style gives an overview of each site and the guards' performance on a daily basis.



Samples (in PDF or Word format)

Click on a report below to view and print. Each report is presenting the data for the same period of time to allow to compare and select the appropriate one.

Summary -  PDF Word
Spreadsheet -  PDF Word
Customer -  PDF Word
Chronological -  PDF Word
Personnel -  PDF Word
Payroll -  PDF Word
Managers Daily -  PDF Word

All reports in zip file -  PDF Word
(ZIP files approx 150Kb)

Need Acrobat PDF Reader?
These reports are provided in PDF format for ease of use and security.If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader Software you can download it FREE here:

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