SPRINTER - Stand Alone System ...


The CheckPoint Sprinter is a complete stand alone patrol monitoring system that provides instant on-site reporting. The Sprinter system utilises unique pre-programmed stations that contain the site reference and a description of the stations’ location. This unique approach allows the system to print out detailed reports instantly without the need for a computer system and without any programming by the user, making  the Sprinter a powerful and flexible monitoring solution.

Multiple sites ...

The Sprinter system is ideal for multi-site patrols. The unique stations allow multiple sites to be covered by just one data recorder, providing a separate report for each site.

Flexibility …

In keeping with the CheckPoint tradition of flexibility, the data recorders are not programmed with patrol information thus allowing any data recorder to be used on any site. In addition the pre-programmed station can be re-programmed, allowing the system to be moved to another site at any time.

Detachable printer …

The Sprinter system is supplied with a detachable, portable printer that contains a rechargeable battery. This allows the printer to be shared between multiple sites making it even more flexible and cost-effective.

Detailed reports show …

    • Date patrol started
    • Site/client reference
    • Station number and location
    • Time of visit
    • Number of visits per patrol
    • Total visits per shift


Instant reporting on-site without the need for a computer system ...


  • Up to 1024 visits per patrol
  • Up to 240 stations per site
  • Up to 6 chars site reference
  • Up to 23 chars for station location
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Small discreet stations
  • Ideal for multi site patrols
  • Made in the UK
  • 2 Year Warranty

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